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Eres una Niña – Gerardo Ortiz

I don’t always listen to Latino Music. But when I do…

Diggin this one recently…

I should also add an update about the last concert I attended. It was a benefit concert for Social Justice Collaborative featuring Chicano Batman. Whoa, looks like they’re touring with Jack White and performing at Coachella later this year.

And that about sums up my Latin music experience.

White House posts State of the Union on Medium

The White House:

For the first time, the White House is making the full text of the speech available to citizens around the country online. On Medium, you can follow along with the speech as you watch in real time, view charts and infographics on key areas, tweet favorite lines, and leave notes. By making the text available to the public in advance, the White House is continuing efforts to reach a wide online audience and give people a range of ways to consume the speech.


Martin Luther King, Jr.

From Ava Duvernay (director of the new MLK film Selma) on Instagram:

In honor of MLK Day, check out Spotify’s collection of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s most famous speeches and the songs they inspired.

The playlist features speeches such as “I Have a Dream,” “We Shall Overcome,” and the entirety of his last speech, “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop,” delivered on April 3, 1968, at the Mason Temple in Memphis, TN. He was assassinated the following day.

Whenever I have encountered any kind of deep problem with civilization anywhere in the world— be it the logging of rain forests, ethnic or religious intolerance or the brutal destruction of a cultural landscape that has taken centuries to develop— somewhere at the end of the long chain of events that gave rise to the problem at issue I have always found one and the same cause: a lack of accountability to and responsibility for the world.
Václav Havel, in Civilization

If People Were Honest At The Office

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