Craigslist Scammers

I sell quite a bit locally and online. I use different websites, depending on the item. But Craiglist is my go-to for local transactions. I use the built-in email relay that is supposed to protect your email address and I also use a Google Voice number for text or calls.

As soon as I put up a listing, without fail, I’ll get several text inquiries from area codes I don’t recognize. The messages will look like this:

My name is Joshua, i hope this is real and not a scam? I’m in the United State Marine Corps. I’m buying it for my cousin in Oklahoma as a gift, but I’m recently out of the state, that is i can’t meet you face to face.

These scammers are asking ME if this is a scam? What a scam.
Here’s what I’ve been replying with. I wonder what else I could come back with. Ugh.

Anti-Super Bowl Adele Cover

There’s no shortage of Adele covers, but this one’s perfect for San Francisco and this weekend’s Super Bowl.

“Hello, Mayor Lee
I’m in San Francisco dreaming
about how things used to be
when I could pay rent…
and eat.”

The video includes the homeless encampment along Division Street, anti-eviction rallies in the Mission, the Dropbox soccer bro, coverage of the $4.8 million Super Bowl City, a Bayview Causa Justa::Just Cause march protesting black displacement, and more.