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Aurora Substorm

An Aurora Substorm in real time, NOT time-lapse. CRAZY! I wouldn’t mind seeing this for myself one day. Looks like the guy used both Canon and Nikon DSLR’s for recording.

All knowledge is spendable currency, depending on the market.
Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

SanDisk Sale

Amazon Deal of the Day: Up to 60% Off Select SanDisk Products

Back to School Night Boba

Feels like the first day of school all over again. The fourth 1st day of school in the span of one year, to be exact. No boba for me, just some blue hour fun. Read more

Bay Bridge at Dusk

Another drive-by shooting- couldn’t keep the horizon straight.

Higher than the mountains that I face.
Stronger than the power of the grave.
Constant in the trial and the change.

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