From Abby’s first visit to the Academy of Sciences today. Why does she always look so funny in strollers? Remember her as a Cabbage Patch doll? I could have titled this “I can’t put my arms down!” or “Abby ready for double sticky hands.” The dark shadow you see in the upper right is not some special vignetting–it’s Gong Gong (Grandpa) trying to get in the picture with her. She was tired after spending 2 hours in the aquarium, so I didn’t ask to re-take the picture.


I is for In-N-Out

I posted a picture of a “grilled cheese” at In-n-Out not long ago, but here’s some more In-n-Out news. Apparently, Texas will be getting their own In-N-Out’s soon because they’re opening up a new distribution center. Read how the guy photographed their secret menu. Here’s another post from today of a guide to In-N-Out’s secret menu, with pictures.

My ultimate order would be a hamburger, animal style (that’s with grilled onions, Thousand Island-ish spread, mustard grilled patties, and pickles), chopped chilies, extra toasted bun, well-done fries, and a root beer float. I usually can’t finish the fries, but oh well!

What’s your usual order?