WordPress Users on Dreamhost: Upgrade PHP

For the past few days, I’ve noticed that my sites were running EXTREMELY slow. I hadn’t made any changes so I checked the server’s side. I noticed that all my domains were still running on PHP 5.2.x, which was not recommended. Not sure if this was the reason why my sites were slowed to a crawl, but everything seems to be running ok now.

Here’s how I “upgraded”:

  1. Go to Manage Domains in the control panel: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.manage&
  2. Click on Edit for that domain.
  3. Under PHP mode, pick PHP 5.3 or PHP 5.4, both work with WordPress.
  4. Then hit ‘Change settings’
  5. Wait ten minutes and everything should be golden.

Speed Up WordPress by Compressing Output

I’ve used dreamhost to host this website for years, but for some reason, wordpress runs extremely slowly on it. But I found some code to compress your php so I’m giving it a try. Does my page load a faster? Seems so to me, but maybe it’s just psychological.

First, place the following code in a file and call it “test.php” and then upload it to the root of your blog directory:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Make sure that “zlib” is enabled by your hosting provider.

Second, place the following code in your header (above the DOCTYPE):

ini_set('zlib.output_compression', 'On');
ini_set('zlib.output_compression_level', '1');

If all’s well, make sure to delete that test.php file.

High five to wprecipes.com.