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Lost Generation

This presentation has made an impression on many people (cuz I keep seeing it). The original concept, from what I know, came from a 2006 Argentinean political ad (see the ad here). The “Lost Generation” presentation placed second in the AARP U@50 video contest. Thanks also to Dianne for the forward.

Unique Coffee Mugs


Anyone who knows me knows I love coffee and unique versions of things. These 11 amazing and unique coffee mugs are the perfect combo. Anyone want to get me one for my birthday? How about Christmas? Ha. I kinda like these, although I don’t think they’re very practical for hot drinks without a handle.


Telescopic Text

Mythbusters-Fun with Gas

Mythbusters guy shows how the gases helium and sulfur hexafluoride each alter the sound of our voices in very different ways.

The Awareness Test

Don’t worry, no scary monsters will pop up.