Picasa 3 beta (windows only)

Again, Google continues to carry out its mission: to try to take over the world.

I’ve just downloaded the Picasa 3 beta. You can now make movies, take screenshots and webcam shots, add watermarks and print captions. It also comes with a new photo viewer that looks like this:

Hey, the easter egg still works! Anyone else trying out the beta?

College Grads in Beijing to Leave Campus Earlier

College grads in Beijing to leave campus earlier (March 9, 2008, Xinhua)
College graduates in Beijing will leave campus roughly a month earlier than the usual time this summer due to the Olympics which is scheduled to start on August 8 in the city. Beijing municipal education authorities required all colleges located in Beijing to have their graduates leave campus at least one month earlier than they are usually asked to do. Therefore, career service offices in local colleges sped up their paces in job counseling for would-be graduates. The majority of graduating students might find jobs before the end of April. Also reported in the Guardian.

Yahoo Mail Beta Easter Egg

Anyone else use Yahoo Mail Beta? Check out the easter egg: When composing a message just hit the Subject: button to cycle through a collection of random (often humorous) subject lines. A lot of real gems in here including:

* The brain has been polished professor.
* All your platypus are belong to us.
* I believe those were mouse droppings.
* The twins just turned 2 and 4 this month!
* How about never? Is never good for you?
* Care for a foam apple?