Tuesday 2: COOpon or CUEpon?

Just wondering how you say the word COUPON? Would be interesting to see if there are any differences by region too, so leave a comment to say where you’re from or where you grew up.

How do you say the word COUPON?

  • COOpon (52%, 12 Votes)
  • CUEpon (48%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 23

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Jet Li’s English

I cringe every time Jet Li opens his mouth in these American films. I’m embarrassed for him, but at the same time, it makes me chuckle.

His first line in The Forbidden Kingdom after a long fight scene:

No, Fool!

Why do I write this now? Because I’m watching Kiss of the Dragon on TV and laughed out loud at the following lines:

Bridget Fonda’s character: I’m not your type, huh?
Jet Li’s character: I don’t have a type.

Hmm, what else does he say that’s funny? I can’t seem to remember now.

Sneak Peek: The Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom posterJust got back from a sneak preview of The Forbidden Kingdom that opens this Friday, along with Expelled. Don’t worry, no spoilers here because I don’t really like to write. I’m just embarrassed every time Jet Li speaks in English. I think filmmakers make the effort to minimize his lines. But boy, he does move beautifully. Jackie Chan–always funny. Great choreography by the famous Yuen Woo Ping, whose moves most Americans would know from the Matrix movies and Kill Bill.

I remember watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the theater, especially during the scenes when the Chow Yun Fat ran across the water or over trees, people whispered “that’s so fake.” OF COURSE IT’S FAKE, PEOPLE!!! Anyhoo, I think The Forbidden Kingdom will make just about anyone appreciate fantasy martial arts movies. My friend’s 3 (almost 4) year old daughter Mackenzie was so gripped by the movie that at one point she yelled out about Jackie Chan’s character “you just can’t kill him!”. Too cute.

This is the first film that features Jet Li and Jackie Chan together. Apparently, Jackie Chan said it was pretty easy to work together.

I have not worked with someone whom I’m comfortable with, in terms of
movements, rhythm and natural reactions, in the last 10 years. I have
done many fight scenes with others but there were usually more than 10
takes, which is a waste of time as the person may forget his moves and
unnecessary injuries. When I fought with Li, our actions were quick. We
also didn’t have to do the same stunt over 20 times. #

Ok, I’m motivated to go to the park again. My new dream job: to be in a movie with both of them.

Protesting Violence using Violence?

Torch Relay Logo Update: By the way, read about what China is saying about the torch relay here and here.

The Olympic flame landed in SFO today around 3:40am. There have been so many protests already. Being Chinese American, I am proud of China’s rise in power and prominence, but at the same time, I am dismayed at all the controversy surrounding the Olympics. I don’t condone China’s civil rights record, but c’mon people, when you try to bum rush the torch bearer, you are doing exactly that which you are protesting against. I wonder what

I’m also proud that my city will be the only North American city to host the torch relay. The current published route (IF it’s not cancelled) has the Torch ceremony beginning at 1 P.M. tomorrow in McCovey Cove and finishing up at Justin Herman Plaza. (SFGate Map of Torch Route), but the route could change up to and even during the relay, said Mayor Gavin Newsom. Even with all the protests, China vows to continue the relay. I’m tempted to take a day off tomorrow, but I don’t want to fight the crowds. Anyone out there going?