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Skee ball google style.

Playing Mahjong

Playing Mahjong

Playing Mahjong
I’m starting week 2 of 2 in a town called Nijiangping, in Hunan, China. The people in this town are REALLY nice. Whenever we stop to buy drinks or popsicles, they always invite us to sit with them. We played Mahjong with some storekeepers: grandma (lady in black), grandpa (older man with glasses, and their grandson (boy with glasses). The boy helps with the store while his parents work in the city. I think it’s funny that we played right in the front of their store. Notice the red packages in the right of the photo? They’re firecrackers/fireworks. The packages wrapped in brown paper to the left of the red ones are HUGE boxes. I’m tempted to get one cuz they’re quite inexpensive.

Random note #1: the mahjong tiles here in Hunan are HUGE. They call them Man Tao‘s.

Random note #2: I think the guy in the left of the photo looks like a Chinese Orlando Bloom.


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