A Google Birthday Surprise

I’ve been offline quite a bit these days, but I happened to jump on today. I didn’t realize Google does a personalized doodle for you on your birthday. Scared me for a second at first. It even said “Happy birthday, Jen” when my mouse hovered over it!

From the Google blog:

Because doodles are such a fun part of the search experience, we thought we’d share a fun little way Google will help celebrate your birthday. When you include your date of birth on your Google profile, you may notice a special treat on the Google homepage on your birthday (be sure to sign in). Click on the doodle for another birthday surprise!

Here are some quotes I like about getting old:

  • Growing old- better than the alternative: dying young.
  • Growing old is not for sissies.

Anyways, this birthday didn’t suck too badly. Nothing bad happened (yet!) as something usually does on or around my birthday.

BSOD Screensaver

BlueScreenSince it was my friend (and former cubicle-mate) Kurt’s birthday this weekend, I was reminded of the prank I pulled on him early in our working years. It’s great to be the IT person in the office because you get to play around with everyone’s computer and make it seem “legit.” So one time, I installed this screensaver from SysInternals that simulates the infamous Blue Screen of Death, complete with a simulated reboot. Kurt and I sat back to back, about a foot away from each other so it was super hard not to let him hear me laugh or giggle. Good times.