Aluminum Photo Prints 8×10 $16 (+$6 Shipping)

Aluminum Photo Prints 8x10 $16... Groupon (via Aluminyze) is offering Aluminum Photo Prints at the prices below. Shipping starts at $5.95.

Choose from Three Options

  • $16 for $35 worth of Aluminyzed photo prints
  • $28 for $60 worth of Aluminyzed photo prints
  • $40 for $100 worth of Aluminyzed photo prints

Aluminyze emblazons user-uploaded images in full color on high-quality, unbendable aluminum sheets, creating durable, vivid wall hangings that don’t require a frame. Aluminyze takes over and prepares the final product, correcting colors if needed and shipping it to customers with optional mounting materials such as an easel, wall float, or acrylic pedestal. Aluminyzed waterproof prints last longer than regular photos.

I’ve never used them before, so if you get one, let me know how they are.

Deal Hack of the Day

Being unemployed gives me a lot of time to meet up with people. Unfortunately, people always like to meet over coffee or lunch, which is no bueno for my wallet. Here’s how I hacked my lunch today.

Yesterday, I received an email for $5 off my next Groupon. I haven’t bought any groupons for a while, so they needed to sucker me back in. It worked. Checked out Real-Time Location Based Deals on Groupon Now! and found a $10 groupon for $20 worth of food at Cafe Ponte (since we were meeting in Noe Valley). Grilled chicken pesto sandwich, salad, and fresh squeezed orange juice= $2.50. Win.

In other news: Go A’s! AL West Division Champions!