Light Up the Sky

San Francisco’s Pier 39, with the Bay Bridge in the background.
August, 2011.

I was reminded of this song (CD here):

I wouldn’t say I’m a super emotional personal person. I’m not good with using words to describe how I feel or what I’m thinking–pictures and music often do a better job.

Mare Island #2

Mare Island

Here’s a second shot from Mare Island. See the first one here.

Photo tip that I was able to share that night:
Your DSLR may have in-camera noise reduction automatically turned on by default. If that’s the case, for each second of exposure, your camera will take another second to apply noise reduction and you won’t be able to use your camera while it’s processing the image. You can choose to turn this function off and deal with noise reduction in post so gaps won’t show up (if you’re shooting star trails). Plus you won’t waste time standing out in the cold. :)

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

I was out shooting on a pretty nice evening, but I still had to huddle in between rocks to shield the camera from the wind. This is my first attempt at stacking. I don’t have photoshop, so this is 3 images stacked in gimp. Click on the image for a bigger version that looks a lot better. I think I need to redo my website because the pictures look way better in the larger size. So yes, I guess bigger is better. :)

Check out Bob’s version where he got a car going the wrong way.

Eat at Joe’s

Eat at Joe's

Out shooting with Bob last night. My tripod took a chunk off my finger at the beginning of the shoot. I didn’t have a band-aid with me so I was bleeding the whole night. I was also bombed by some birds (not the first time this has happened). Ah, the joys of shooting in the city. It’s quite different than shooting people and things in the street during the day. I do miss having t-shirt weather at night, though. All in all, it was a relaxing evening.