Interstellar, the Right Way

I’m not a movie buff by any means. Actually, I rarely watch movies in the theater. But I feel the need to watch Interstellar, in IMAX, the way it was meant to be seen.

Christopher Nolan and cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema chose to shoot Interstellar on 70mm film, even shooting an IMAX camera the size of a sack of rice– all HANDHELD!

Heard the film was long- 169 minutes. But man, 49 reels of 70mm film, weighing over 600 lbs. Check out the video below:

And check out the prep for showing the movie:

The Grandmaster Trailer featuring “Rivers of Blood” by Wu-Tang Clan

Why am I posting about this? Because it’s my kind of music and about my kind of exercise. I’ve posted the original trailer and documentary before it’s release in China at the end of last year. This U.S. version of The Grandmaster Trailer features “Rivers of Blood” by Wu-Tang Clan.

The movie opens in the U.S. this week.

By the way, for those who haven’t seen the original Ip Man movie yet, they’re missing out BIG TIME.

The Grandmaster (Movie)

I thought I posted about this already, but it seems I haven’t yet. It’s nothing new, but I can’t wait for The Grandmaster to open in the US. Directed by Wong Kar Wai, starring Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi, and Cung Le.

Here’s the trailer and also an extremely interesting mini-documentary “The Road to The Grandmaster” (both Chinese only). Wow, the director thought about making this film back in 1996. Such a long journey (like Lincoln). Was fun to watch Tony Leung practice.

All this time, the spotlight has been on Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li and his beautiful moves. Ten years ago, nobody was talking about anything REMOTELY related 詠春.

I need to do a marathon of all the Ip Man movies to get myself ready. I just hope the action shots aren’t just a bunch of close-ups where you can’t really see what’s going on.