America’s Best Dance Crew

Update (Mar. 24):

Jon’s away message: if jabbawockeez don’t win this thursday, america is stupid.
Me: ooh, i agree with you about the jabbawockeez
Jon: HECK YEA!! did you vote?
Me:haha…aileen and i had to…
Jon: vote some more.
like 10x a day.
do it online
do it!!
I’m gonna vote alot tonite also

I was hooked ever since I watched the first episode on board my Jet Blue flight to Boston. Now it’s down to the last 2 crews and the winner should be obvious, since Kaba Modern had to leave (What was America thinking?). Now it’s JabbaWockeeZ vs. Status Quo. How did Status Quo ever make it to the final two???? Unbelievable.

Aileen: Where’s my phone?
Me: Why?
Aileen: I need to text in my vote.

Go vote.

Apprentice and computer news, Peet’s, and Britney

'Apprentice' Chris arrested‘Apprentice’ Chris arrested I knew it was going to happen sooner or later with that guy’s temper. He should have been voted off a long time ago.

Computer Issues
I’ve been having problems browsing during the evenings. I’d be able to get online to chat, but couldn’t access any websites. Both Jerry and Morgan suggested it might be a dns issue. So I called up my ISP and was diverted to several different phone numbers where the people had no idea about what was going on. After being put on hold for about a 1/2 hour, I finally spoke with a guy who helped me clear up the problem. It turns out that my computer was pointing to some random dns server. So it was a dns issue after all. Thanks to the guys for their help.

Peet’s coffee
I love going to Peet’s to buy my coffee. I just go in there to buy a pound and they give you a free cup. “Free”…my favorite word. With “sale” coming in a close 2nd. So Chinese.

For Gordon: Britney Spears is pregnant

Random stuff

Check out the yellow sign in the third picture.

By the way, I haven’t gotten a chance to write this until now. From my “to do list” (as in A Walk to Remember):

Shoot a gun
Eat fresh sugar cane

Several weeks ago, I went to a shooting range with some friends. I shot a 9mm Glock, and two .45 caliber pistols. I was so nervous. My hands were so sweaty that I thought the gun would pop out of my hand every time I shot it. I brought the target home as a souvenir. I hung it up so it looks like there’s someone standing in my living room. A little scary, isn’t it?

I had a chance to eat fresh sugar cane in Canada when I was in 8th grade, but my mom wouldn’t let me eat it because I had braces at the time. I’m eating it for the first time right now and my jaws are getting a good work out.

Have you seen Missy Elliott’s Gossip Folks video? The little Asian girl is so cute! I didn’t know Asians can dance like that!

In news of the nerds, Google bought Blogger!

I’ve been missing out on

I’ve been missing out on the many uses of bounce.

Well, that’s it. I’m done with classes for this semester. All I have to do now, is finish my work and turn it in. It’s a bit strange. It doesn’t even feel like the end of the school year. In high school, you have yearbooks and graduations. In college, you have finals and graduations. In grad school, you have…well, that’s what I’m finding out. I drove someone to the bart station after class. I had a class last semester with him, and a class this semester. There’s no more than a handful of people in each class so you get to know each other pretty well. On the ride to the bart station, he was telling me how he was accepted (and his journey prior to being accepted) to a PhD program at a school in Utah to work with a professor that is doing exactly what he wants to be doing. So before he got out of the car, he said something to the effect of, “Well, I don’t think I’ll see you ever again. Take care.” Isn’t that sad? So I wished him luck (as a figure of speech, even though I don’t believe in luck) on all his endeavors.

So that’s what happened today. I went to my last class for this semester, a seminar on adolescents. There were 7 of us students and the teacher. We brought food and snacks. We talked about the readings and played a little game that quizzed us on topics throughout the course. One of the first (and easier) questions was, “What superstar has a song that goes like this: oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know…” No one on my team knew it. Someone guessed backstreet boys or something. I was so embarrassed to say that I knew…hahaha. Now you’ve gotten a glimpse of what grad students are like, totally out of touch with the outside world. Me? I’m on the fringe. I don’t know if you can call blogging a way to keep in touch with things that are going on outside of my field, but that’s still pretty sad.

Lately, I’ve been talking to several people about blogging. Gary, who just started one yesterday, was saying that he didn’t know what to post. Other people who I’ve talked to say they don’t want to start a blog because they don’t have anything to write about or that their lives aren’t that exciting. mine is! Here’s an interesting article I found through globe of blogs called “the difference between a weblog and a journal.”

Rarely do I watch TV, but I was watching TV this morning while I was eating breakfast. There was nothing on, so I flipped to MTV. They showed the new P.O.D. video. The song’s called “Boom” and it’s pretty funny. I love the satire.