From my trip to Cornell for work this past weekend.

Kathleen made me hike 8 stories up the clock tower.


She made me watch the chimes concert where the person pushes these levers with their hands and feet to ring the bells above.

At the Ithaca Chili Cook-off & WinterFest with Kathleen and Rachel. Shot by Kathleen with my camera.
Ithaca Commons

All in all, a fun weekend, despite having to give so many presentations. These work trips are definitely draining.

Hi Auntie Jennifer

Got this email today…

huhlo auntie jennifer!
i’m growing up so fast, you’re missing so much!  my cheeks blew up, my hair’s standing up like mama’s when she was a baby.

Not sure why my sister likes writing for Abby like that. She’s weird like that. But I LOVE the pictures she’s been sending me…like this one:

From Abby