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Map: This is how far those North Korean missiles can actually reach

Map: This is how far those North Korean missiles can actually reach

Fortunately for us, it doesn’t look like any of them would reach the U.S. mainland. Phew, I was getting a little nervous because I’m on the west coast. [Source]

Beginning of the Great Revival

So my roommate (who’s from China) has tickets lined up for a free screening of Beginning of the Great Revival, a star-studded film about the historical events surrounding the formation of China’s Communist Party. Does this make up for not being able to go to China this year? First time in a long time that I’ll be celebrating July 4 in America.

I Hate the Hate

I don’t post about politics (or religion) often, but…

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“Whatever you might think of Islam as a religion and culture should have little bearing on how you relate to a person who is Muslim.” ~Jim Peterson in the introduction to The Crescent through the Eyes of the Cross by Nabeel Jabbour

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Obama meets with tech business leaders

President Obama was here in the Bay Area having dinner last night with some important people.


It must be pretty awesome to be there taking these pictures. Check out a Q&A session with Pete Souza, official White House photographer.

Anyone recognize the people at dinner with the President?

Joe Wong at RTCA Dinner

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