Burning Up in SoCal

Charissa: socal is burning up like crazy
me: really?
Charissa: yeah
me: yeah, it’s been pretty hot here too
Charissa: nooo
Charissa: fires

That’s what I get for not watching the news on Sundays. Pray for all the SoCal folks please.


On a different note– check out Crackbook: a hilarious spoof on the popular time-wasting, social network, Facebook.

Upcoming Travel Schedule

Update (2/16/06): My friend in BJ said he was able to get on to the AOL site, so it seems that they’re AOK!

Chevy Aveo

For my LA trip last week, I rented a car from SFO. While picking up the rental car, the guy directed me to this bright red car (economy size, of course). He asked if I was planning on touring around the city. I told him I was taking a little road trip. He said, “In this car???” Haha. Hey, you can’t beat the price of $14/day.

Yep, went to Santa Barbara and LA in that tiny body capsule. Every time a car passed me, I had to hold the steering wheel tight.

Here’s my travel lineup for the next week: Continue reading