High School Potluck?

We had a mini-mid-Christmas-break-par-tay at my house tonight with my high schoolers. The main course was provided, but we asked them to bring drinks and snacks. Here’s what some of them bought:

  • 2 packs of microwave popcorn
  • chips
  • soda
  • jello (2 boxes that came in those plastic take-out containers from Koi Palace)
  • brownies
  • Baileys truffles (non-alcoholic)
  • one pomegranate
  • cheez-it snack packs
  • graham crackers
  • some Italian cake thing

Talk about random, eh? But man, I love my kids. They make me smile. And no thanks to them, now I’m addicted to Guitar Hero.

By the way, words cannot express how much I appreciate my co-leaders. I am so blessed to be with them.

No pain, no gain

I just spent about 3 hours at the park today. I got beat on. My shins and forearms are paying for it.

While I was there, I wish I had my camera. They were filming a commercial for Acura. The symphony was playing in the bandshell and a helicopter with a camera attachment was hovering above the park filming everything. Cool.