Just Launched: new Google Wake Up Kit!

Just found this in my Google Calendar:

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? We do, too. In fact this problem became so serious at times that it sometimes resulted in lacklustre attendance at team meetings. To help solve the problem we’ve created an innovative solution called the Google Wake Up Kit.

“I could never wake up on time to get to our team meetings. But thanks to the new Google Wake Up Kit, I’m always on time now!”
Pedro C.

In combination with the kit, you can receive a new type of notification from Google Calendar, called the “wake up” notification. This notification is relentless in ensuring your timely awakening from restful slumber.

The “wake up” notification uses several progressively more annoying alerts to wake you up. First it will send an SMS message to your phone. If that fails, more coercive means will be used. The kit includes an industrial-sized bucket and is designed to be connected to your water main for automatic filling. In addition, a bed-flipping device is included for forceful removal from your sleeping quarters. Learn more.

Autism Awareness Month reminder and Craft Corner Deathmatch

It’s Autism Awareness Month. I meant to post this a while ago, but forgot until now. Anyways, at work, we just got these blue wrist bands that have five words that create a “mantraâ€? about interacting, understanding, and appreciating people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders(ASD). I guess everyone who has a message they want to get out to the public is jumping on the bandwagon with rubber bracelets like the original yellow bracelets by Lance Armstrong.

We were watching this show that Stan taped for us (yes, can you believe it?) called Craft Corner Deathmatch. It’s “Martha Stewart Living” meets “Iron Chef.” So they have “craft-offs” where the contestants’ work is judged to see who is the better crafter. Anyways, they were trying to make some stuff with leaves when the show cuts over to a “brief history of leaves”:

(announcer narrates in British accent)
Leaves were first used as underwear. Then they put it in water and made tea.

A most excellent summary.

Google SMS

My friend just told me about Google SMS. You text message Google to get information. It’s like the yellow pages right at your fingertips when you’re out on the road! I tried it at dinner today and sent the following message: chinese san francisco ca. I didn’t get anything back. I wonder if it really works or if there’s just too many chinese places in sf that it was overloaded…