Black Tar and White Powder

My two favorite drugs of choice: black tar (my camera) and white powder (seen below).


Not the best image, but it’s the first time I lugged a DSLR up to the slopes. I didn’t have a choice since I dropped and broke my point-and-shoot in Shanghai back in 2007. The picture was taken this past weekend with a non-wide angle lens (boo…) at the top of Homewood, over-looking Lake Tahoe. This is where we take the high schoolers every year. (You can see them in the picture.) Homewood is not as big as some of the other resorts, but as you can see, it has a great view.

In case you didn’t know, the title is in reference to this.

The upside to all this rain

snowy mountains

It’s still snowing in Tahoe!  I was up there a week and a half ago sliding and it was great. Looks like there will be more snow throughout the week. So make the best of all of this precipitation.  Get out of the city and go skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or dog sledding!


On a more serious note, I am reminded during this Holy Week of how Jesus loved (and still loves) me so much that he KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY endured all that pain and suffering that I may live. 

The death of Jesus Christ is the fulfillment in history of the very mind and intent of God. There is no place for seeing Jesus Christ as a martyr. His death was not something that happened to Him— something that might have been prevented. His death was the very reason He came.  ~Oswald Chambers

He knew everything that was going to happen to him, yet he still came.  You are amazing God.

Four things

You know when you played tag and you wanted to be it….oh oh, tag me, tag me! You end up just reaching out asking for the tag? I’m it!

Four jobs I’ve had in my life

  • Ice Cream Scooper
  • Teacher
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Therapist

Four movies I can watch over and over (hmm, I own the last 3 movies on the list)

  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Princess Bride
  • Spaceballs
  • Chocolat

Four places I have lived

  • San Leandro, CA
  • Danville, CA
  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • Hong Kong

Four TV shows I love to watch

  • Jeopardy
  • CSI
  • Apprentice
  • Lost

Four places I have been on vacation (not many places, sadly)

  • British Columbia, Canada
  • HK/China
  • Florida
  • East Coast

Four websites I visit daily (er, almost daily)

  • Bloglines
  • Google News
  • Yahoo -to check mail and fantasy golf stats (when I remember)
  • The high school fellowship site

Four of my favorite foods

  • Breakfast – sausage, eggs, hashbrowns, toast, bacon, etc.
  • Japanese -but not the raw stuff, hate the texture
  • Noodles -any kind
  • My mom’s cooking

Four places I would rather be right now

  • Sleeping in my bed
  • Snowboarding on a snow-covered mountain somewhere
  • On a golf course playing 9 holes (not in any shape for 18 right now)
  • Eating with my parents or my grandma

Four people I am tagging to do this (no one specific, like how I was tagged)

  • anybody who reads this and wears glasses
  • anybody who reads this and is bored
  • anybody who reads this and has a blog
  • anybody who reads this and is procrastinating like me