The Dot, Plus, and Googlemail Gmail Hacks

Here are some neat things I’ve found recently. They might not be new, but I think I need to jot them down here so I won’t forget these tips. These hacks could be helpful for fighting or tracing spam.

The Dot

Apparently, Gmail does not recognize the dot (or capitalization either) in gmail addresses. So is the same as and all the different combinations are sent to your inbox.

The Plus

Did you know you have an unlimited amount of aliases with Gmail? You can receive messages that are sent to For example, if you forced to register online, you can use If you start getting spam, you ‘ll know who gave your address away and you can probably then set up a filter to automatically direct those messages to, oh, say, THE TRASH.

Of course, I don’t want to forget that is also the same as Mail from either address goes to your inbox. This is probably because they can’t use in Europe. Just a reminder though, you’ll need to login with the original address you signed up with and some websites won’t accept symbols as valid email addresses. Still, I think these are pretty neat tricks.

Bad behavior

I’ve been getting hit by spam left and right. My wordpress installation has been unprotected…until now. This morning, I installed an anti-spam plugin called bad behavior. It analyzes the incoming requests and stops spam before they’ve even arrived. I just checked the log and found that 54 requests have been blocked, with no false positives. Let me know if something doesn’t work right, otherwise, I’d have no way of finding out.

Update (10:23pm): Number of requests denied–207…not too shabby.