Boardwalk Blur

From this weekend’s trip to Santa Cruz with my best friend from elementary school. Shooting in aperture priority, I didn’t realize my shutter speed dropped¬†down to 1/35 of a sec until after the first few frames.¬†I quickly made some changes and shot the rest in manual mode.


Do people still go bowling nowadays? Apparently so!
I don’t remember the last time I bowled. And no, I didn’t bowl this time either.

These were shot through my friend’s dirty car window:

Maybe I need to cut back on the caffeine or I just need more practice for the handhelds:


Not so pro:

For that last shot, I ran over from the next lane and stuck my camera out near the floor-shooting blindly.

I’ve typically worked with standalone images, posting one picture at a time. Seeing the images on this post together, I realized I should stop experimenting and find a consistent style for my post-processing. One could assume these images were taken by different people with different cameras on different days. Yet I took these all on the same night, with a single camera. Ha. Is there such a thing as multiple camera personality disorder?

It makes me rethink posting strategies. On Instagram, people post single images at a time, selecting whatever filters or effects they like at the time. And I guess that’s what I was used to doing on this site in terms of posting one image at a time, without a care for coherence.

Perhaps posting multiple images that tell a singular story would force me to be more consistent in my style. I still have a lot to learn.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

I was out shooting on a pretty nice evening, but I still had to huddle in between rocks to shield the camera from the wind. This is my first attempt at stacking. I don’t have photoshop, so this is 3 images stacked in gimp. Click on the image for a bigger version that looks a lot better. I think I need to redo my website because the pictures look way better in the larger size. So yes, I guess bigger is better. :)

Check out Bob’s version where he got a car going the wrong way.