The last decade was about sharing. The next decade will be about protecting.

Jason Kottke on fingerprint technology:

So much about us is stored in the cloud (our finances, our communication, our social lives) that we can’t turn back. The only way to protect what you’ve shared so far is to share some more. Protect your data with a password. Protect the password with some secret, personal questions. Protect all of that with your fingerprint or your heartbeat. Before long, you’ll have to give a DNA swab to access a collection photos you took yourself.



This is The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Such a beautiful campus out in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, that red thing is a sundial, not a chicken. And who can forget those elevators that go to LG1 with the voice that announces “el gee…yut lao.”

Hmm, I don’t like how the sides of the building were cut off. Makes me want to get a wide angle lens. Not that it would make that much of a difference, with my amateur skills.