Focus Modes

Since I shoot Canon, my camera has spot, AI Focus, and AI Servo focus modes. I guess Nikon cameras only have single servo (AF-S) and continuous focus (AF-C) so this doesn’t really apply. Here’s a fun tip to remember about the focus settings:

  • One-Shot is for when neither you, nor the subject, are moving.
  • AI Servo is for when either you, or the subject, is moving.
  • AI Focus is for when neither you, nor the subject care if your focus is accurate.


The Dot, Plus, and Googlemail Gmail Hacks

Here are some neat things I’ve found recently. They might not be new, but I think I need to jot them down here so I won’t forget these tips. These hacks could be helpful for fighting or tracing spam.

The Dot

Apparently, Gmail does not recognize the dot (or capitalization either) in gmail addresses. So is the same as and all the different combinations are sent to your inbox.

The Plus

Did you know you have an unlimited amount of aliases with Gmail? You can receive messages that are sent to For example, if you forced to register online, you can use If you start getting spam, you ‘ll know who gave your address away and you can probably then set up a filter to automatically direct those messages to, oh, say, THE TRASH.

Of course, I don’t want to forget that is also the same as Mail from either address goes to your inbox. This is probably because they can’t use in Europe. Just a reminder though, you’ll need to login with the original address you signed up with and some websites won’t accept symbols as valid email addresses. Still, I think these are pretty neat tricks.

Geek gifts and Bond

Hmm, my page had a breakdown yesterday.  The only thing that would load was the background.  I contacted Dreamhost and they fixed it.  Apparently there’s some trouble with wp-cache turned on when you upgrade to PHP 5.1.2.  Now if only I can get my page to load faster…WordPress plays kinda slow with Dreamhost.


Look, gifts under $77, courtesy of Core77.

Speaking of gifts, I like this guide for buying gifts for geeks.

  1. If a brand is listed and/or mentioned – name means everything. There’s a big difference between “any DVD burner” and “any Sony DVD burner.” Chances are, the geeks have done their homework – and they typically know what’s good and what’s not.
  2. Removable media was not created equal. Find out ahead of time what kind of removable media your geek wants, needs, and loves – because a Memory Stick port simply was not designed to accomodate an SD card.
  3. Anything less than a gig isn’t all that great these days. Sure, the corner store may be selling 32 megabyte CompactFlash cards, but that’s not going to do your geek much good. If you can’t score a geek.
  4. Unless otherwise noted, accounts and gift certificates are the suck. Here’s the prime problem with gift certificates: the only one who gets the gift is the store from which you purchased the certificate. Trust me, even if your geek hasn’t told you what s/he wants or needs, you simply need to dig deeper and listen longer.
  5. Form a gift guild. If many items on a geek’s wish list are too pricey for your pocketbook, instead of settling on a stack of CDs you can talk to other friends and family members and consider combining funds to get a single gift. One “awesome” thing is 100x better than three “okay” things.

Hehe…I like #5.  I seem to always buy “big” gifts for myself.  I don’t buy a lot of little things.


Oh, I’ve been meaning to post about the latest Bond film.

I saw it right before Thanksgiving. The film is a little long, but definitely worth watching, even if I had paid full price.  I must say that Daniel Craig is one buff bond. Haha.  Not as smooth as Pierce Brosnan, but I guess that’s the image they were after–the beginning of bond.  I did get a chance to do read up about the opening chase sequence.  It contains a lot of moves from a French discipline called Parkour, a sort of extreme urban sport, similar to the techniques of Jackie Chan.