Call + Response (Trailer)

Saw this in church today.

Call+Response is a first of its kind feature documentary film that reveals a terrifying secret: there are more slaves today than ever before in human history. In 2007, slave traders made more money than Google, Nike and Starbucks combined. Call+Response goes deep undercover where slavery is thriving. First hand accounts from luminaries like Cornel West, Julia Ormond, Madeleine Albright, Daryl Hannah, Ashley Judd, and Nicholas Kristof provide the backdrop of for this 21st century nightmare. Grammy-winning and critically acclaimed artists including Moby, Natasha Bedingfield, Cold War Kids, Matisyahu, Imogen Heap, Talib Kweli, Five For Fighting, Switchfoot, members of Nickel Creek, Rocco Deluca, move this information into inspiration offering this century its first abolitionist songs.

Entertainment escape from reality

I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose last weekend. Nothing special. The courtroom acting was entertaining. The theater was packed, we sat near the front, and the movie was a bit shaky, especially during the “actual exorcism” scenes, so I didn’t really have that great of a time. Yeah, I’m weak sauce when it comes to motion sickness. At least I didn’t have to leave after the first 5 minutes and ask for a refund like I did at The Bourne Identity. That first boat scene was not beej-friendly.

I’m hooked on that show called So you think you can dance. I love how they can do different dances with just a few days’ practice.

Here are 2 movies I need to see:

    Memoirs of a Geisha
    The Chronicles of Narnia

But first, the books. I totally remember OJ reading the first one way back in the olden days.

Hey, there’s a Disneyland in HK now. It’s on Lantau Island where the big buddha is. I miss that side of the planet…:(


I had to take my car in to get the turn signals fixed. No, they weren’t working and I almost got my arm ripped off by a motorcyclist when I was using those arm signals. I really need to get a more reliable Japanese car.