Dark XP and Gmail

For everyone who has followed me on the internet all these years, they know that I have a dark side. I absolutely LOVE dark-themed websites, for some reason. All my websites have been dark, save my very first Blogger template. I even wrote about the switch from light to dark back in 2002. Too bad I didn’t post a screenshot. I use dark desktop/wallpapers on all my computers, even the one at work. For my personal computers, I’ve been using a dark theme called Royale Noir. It looks exactly like Royale, the blue default XP theme, only it’s, uh, dark.

Download Royale Noir Windows XP theme: [wpdm_file id=7]


  1. Extract files to “C:\windows\resources\themes\royale noir”
  2. Double click on “luna.msstyles”
  3. Select “Noir” from “Color Scheme”

Because this theme has been code-signed by Microsoft, No UXTheme.dll hack required.

More recently, I’ve been testing out a darkened version of Gmail. It requires the Stylish Firefox extension and the Gmail Redesigned user style by UneasySilence. Cool interface, eh? Has Gmail ever changed it’s look since it was launched?

Oh, and I’m also trying out the dark Google web search. I wonder how many people out there are into dark skins/themes.

We have achieved fluidity…again.

Been playing around with another photoblog plugin for WordPress.  Still a lot of things I need to figure out, so we’ll see if I stick with this one.

So this site is once again what they call fluid.  All the columns should be pretty flexible now, and adjusts to the size of the browser window, up until a width of about 980 pixels.  So it’s a little bit fixed and a little bit liquid.  I should rest my eyes now.  But before then, I’ll leave with a couple of neat ‘net nuggets’ I found.

You can call China for free.  Thanks, Ariel.

One of my friends in China really liked a poem that someone made into a website.

My A’s have made it into the playoffs.  Hopefully they won’t lose in the first round like they always do.

X marks your experiences

Here goes another (I wonder how much of this people know about me):

Place an X by all the things you’ve done, or remove the X from the ones you have not, then answer the following questions and post it on your blog.” My comments in [].

( x )Smoked a cigarette [that’s according to my sister, but I have no recollection of it]
( ) Drank so much you threw up
( x ) Crashed a friend’s car
( ) Stolen a car
( x ) Been in love [phileo, agape, koinonia]
( ) Been dumped
( x) Shoplifted
( ) Been laid off/fired
( x ) Quit your job
( ) Been in a fist fight? [Does Wing Chun count?]
( ) Snuck out of your parent’s house
( x ) Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back
( ) Been arrested
( ) Gone on a blind date
( x ) Lied to a friend
( x ) Skipped school
( ) Seen someone die
( x )Been to Mexico
( x ) Been on a plane
( x ) Been lost
( x ) Been on the opposite side of the country
( x ) Gone to Washington, DC
( x ) Swam in the ocean
( x ) Felt like dying
( x ) Cried yourself to sleep
( x ) Played cops and robbers
( ) Recently colored with crayons
( x ) Sang karaoke
( ) Paid for a meal with only coins
( x ) Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t
( x ) Made prank phone calls…
( ) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
( x ) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
( ) Danced in the rain
( ) Written a letter to Santa Claus
( ) Been kissed under the mistletoe
( ) Practiced kissing on your hand and/or pillow
( ) Watched the sun rise with someone you care about
( x ) Made a bonfire on the beach
( x ) Crashed a party
( x ) Gone roller-skating [roller-skating when I was little, roller blading when I was older]
( x ) Ice-skating
( ) Ever been the butt end of a joke from a comedy show?

Any nicknames;? BJ, Beej
What is your favorite drink? water, juice, coffee, milk tea
Tattoos? no.
Body piercing? only 3, including the ones on my ears.
How much do you love your job? It’s fine. Lots of work, supportive management, learning so much.
Birthplace? San Francisco
Favorite vacation spot? Anywhere new.
Ever been to Africa? No
Ever steal any traffic signs? Yes
Ever been in a car accident? Yes
Salad dressing? Kraft zesty Italian
Favorite pie? Fresh Strawberry
Favorite Number? 7,8,12,22
Favorite movie? The Princess Bride
Favorite holiday? Christmas
Favorite food? Yes. Food is a favorite.
Favorite day of the week? Friday
Favorite brand of body soap? Dove
Favorite current TV show? CSI
Favorite smell? Recently, it’s the smell of the woods, probably because I live in the city and I don’t experience it as much as I did before.
Toothpaste? Colgate
What do you do to relax? Read, watch TV, play around with this website.
Message to your friends reading this- “Thanks for reading this.”
How do you see yourself in 10 years? Not sure, God knows.
What do you enjoy receiving? Affirmation, including comments. :)