3 trips in 2 weeks

Winter travel tidbit–packing for Vegas is much different than packing for New York or Tahoe. I love not having to pack towels, sleeping bags, or pillows. Man, I have to be up in about 3 hours. I’ll be off to Vegas for a few days. I’ll be back here for work next week, then I’m heading to Reno for a night. Then I’m off to LA again the day after that. Pray for safety and rest on these meenee-vacations.

I just got back from

I just got back from a snow trip up at Tahoe. It was extremely windy at the top of the mountain. When I got off the lift, I tried to stop, but the wind kept blowing me further and further to the edge. It was quite scary! By the way, thanks to lmk, I enhanced my page a little with a bit of winter. I love it. When we were boarding, the snow came down so hard that it felt like tiny needles poking at my face. I had a good time with CC, Dustin, Jaime, and Anthony. It was the Wong/Tam snow trip (minus Melissa). I better not forget to mention the always popular bow-fays….all you can eat EVERYTHING!!! Mmm… I gotta start planning the next trip.

I did as much work

I did as much work today as there is the sunlight in Alaska during the winter. Let’s just say it was too cold to move. Yesterday, I woke up early to meet this girl from my class. We were supposed to work on our presentation but she decided she needed to run errands instead of being on time. She came an hour late. GRRRR……We didn’t get much done that morning. I don’t think she read anything cuz she had no idea what we should talk about. After that, I rushed off to the child study center to run some tests on my preschool kid, Grayson. I played with him for a while, ran the tests and played with the kids some more. They all were so excited. I’ve never played with them that much before. I said bye to Grayson before I left and he leaned over, wrapped his arms around me, and gave me a huge kiss on the cheek! How cute is that??!! I didn’t want to leave. But my time was up and I left to eat lunch at this great Chinese restaurant in Pacifica.

After lunch, I took gong-gong to get Krispy Kreme donuts. MMM….That was his first time there. We bought 6 dozen donuts. I took 2 dozen and he kept the rest. I, of course, did not eat them…must…resist…

After doing the usual park thing, I headed for fellowship where we chatted into the wee hours of the night. And I still had to drive home! So after a long and activity filled day yesterday, it was nice to sit home watching and listening to the rain. So there you have it, the life of a student, or should I say, lack thereof.