How it feels to be laid off

Getting laid off kinda feels like this:

My boss said I was spending too much time surfing the internet. When I reminded him that my work computer isn’t even networked, he said, “Oh, sorry, you’re the one who takes too many smoke breaks.” When I told him that I don’t even smoke, he said, “Just go…”

Anyone hiring after August?

5 Tips for Effective Delegation

From Ian’s Messy Desk:

Define the task and identify the outcome, not the process. The process that works for you may not work for others. Maybe you’ve been doing a job one way, because that’s how you were taught 20 years ago. When delegating, describe the successful outcome and let the person to find their best way to completion. Who knows, you might learn something from them.

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No Time to Be Amazing

At work just now:

Joshua: uh Jen
hate to break it to you
but Kurt sent out the exact same email that you sent
me: yeah
Joshua: you know … originality is an important trait
copying others … while important … not as amazing :-P
me: i dont have time to be amazing