Baby on Board

Baby on Board

I guess there’s really nowhere to put that small “baby on board” sign that people place in the back window of their cars to encourage safe driving. I can’t imagine my sister biking around like this with Abby.

Image taken while I was riding my bike. I don’t really like it because it’s slightly blurry. I suppose I should have adjusted my settings a little better.
Narnia (Beijing, China. 2010.)

I Have a Thing for Orange

I Have a Thing for OrangeNot sure why, but like the title says, I have a thing for orange. Remember this one?

Anyways, the bikes not even in focus and I chopped off his head and shoes, so nothing special about this picture but oh well. I like orange.

I still need to sell my bike. Maybe I need to wait until the weather gets a little better. Btw, that’s Kim and Melissa (students from 2010) in the background.