Ok, so maybe it’s not THAT new, but it’s new to me because I haven’t played with Flock since version 0.0001 beta. Apparently, I got Joey hooked on Digsby. Not sure why he likes it so much. Now I have another thing to introduce to him. Joey, meet Flock: the social web browser. Not sure why I decided to have another looksy, but I’m glad I did. Essentially, it’s a tricked out version of Firefox that gives you quick access to most of your social…Continue Reading “Flock: Sporting New Feathers”

Our Lord compares His people to sheep, not to cattle. It is especially important that Christian leaders know the law of the leader–that he can lead others only as far as he himself has gone…. The leader must experience what he would teach or he will find himself in the impossible position of trying to drive sheep. For this reason he should seek to cultivate his own heart before he attempts to preach to the hearts of others…. If he tries to bring them into…Continue Reading “Cattle are driven; sheep are led.”