An intro video from one of Jin‘s friends. It’s pretty entertaining. Heads up though, it’s in Cantonese. Find out more at Presented by (some of you might recognize the guys there). Via Gar‘s google reader feed. Posted here by JT, that’s me. :)

I haven’t written up a post about Asia in a while, so here’s a mishmash of stuff. Nothing photography-related here. A movie that’s dear to my heart (can you guess why?): Ip Man 1 now available on Hulu. I have both Ip Man 1 and 2 if anyone wants to borrow it. Don’t forget about The Legend is Born: Ip Man, where there’s a scene that includes Ip Man’s real-life son. Jet Li has become a Singaporean citizen. Chinese actress Yao Chen bumps Oprah off…Continue Reading “Asia News (January Edition)”