Forget Google Reader, it’s Star Wars Reader!

Since Google announced it’s killing off Google Reader in July, I’ve been using feedly. But forget that for now…

Check out StarRSS. It’s a Star Wars themed/based RSS feed reader.  It just looks like the opening credits of every Star Wars movie. The posts fly past you in space, complete with the theme music by John Williams. Click on the links and it’ll take you to the post. Check out what my feed looks like here.

Google Reader Play

I love using Google Reader. It helps me keep up with topics I’m interested in or stay up to date with my friends blogs without actually visiting every single one. I’ve tried to tell all my friends about it, but a lot of them still don’t know what it is or are too lazy to set it up. Now Google has come up with a no-set-up required version at If you have time, go check out and browse interesting things on the web. If you’re using Google Reader, you can switch to this view by clicking “View in Reader Play” from the feed settings menu.