A Bit Late: Happy New Year

I’ve been to St. Louis twice now, and every time, it just feels so quiet to me. Ok, besides the 16,000+ college students who were at the conference with me or the occasional crowd coming out of a Blues game, there just wasn’t much going on downtown.

Here’s a picture taken right before New Year’s at Union Station, St. Louis, MO that captures the fact that no one’s ever around.

All Dressed Up

Well, it was nice that my team of coworkers was there with me all week. It’s just quite sad spending New Year’s away from most of your friends and family. Fortunately, I rang in the New Year with one of my little sis’ from Texas.

In the following image (taken while we were having brunch celebrating her birthday this past summer), she had just tried to “help me add milk to my coffee, spilling it all over the table.” It’s so telling of the grief she gives me our friendship.

Spilled Milk

Brunch at KABB.
Xintiandi, Shanghai, China.