A Bad Pickup Line

I was walking towards a store this evening and I saw this guy who was standing there.  He had said something to a girl getting into her car.  Before she sat in, she told him, "I'm married."

Um, ok.

As I walked back towards the car, I saw that same guy standing there.  I kept walking, just minding my own biznazz, eating my chips.  As I passed him, he asked me for a chip.  I said sure, so I handed a couple over.  Here's how the rest of his game went:

Where do you live?
Can I make love to you?
I want to be your boyfriend.

Hey man, you gotta find some better pickup lines.  Sheesh.


penguingolfer89 January 15, 2007 Reply

Eww! Haha, definitely bad pick up line!

Kurt January 16, 2007 Reply

hmmm….those lines have always worked for me.

sacrod January 16, 2007 Reply

yeah, that was pretty lame…

KK January 16, 2007 Reply

That is a totally nasty and sad pickup line.

Ray January 16, 2007 Reply

can we say "desperate"? I wonder how many times he said that and it actually worked ??? lol

some girl January 16, 2007 Reply

i should have asked him…"has that line ever worked for you?"

haha…nah, he wasn't really listening to people. he tried to follow me to my car too. i was ready to take him down.

Kurt January 17, 2007 Reply

…hmmm…wait….you were eating chips?

…there is nothing more attractive than a girl eating chips.

john January 24, 2007 Reply

that was sure pretty bad pickup lines. but then again, i will never understand why people uses pickuplines, instead of just being normal.. :O

elena February 7, 2007 Reply

i guess i should have read this first!

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