A Load Lifted I just

A Load Lifted
I just turned in a whole 1″ binder full of work. I can’t even count how many pages it totalled, but it sure took a long time to print it all out. I think my printer’s running out of ink. Anyways, after finishing my project and getting out of class, I felt such a relief. You know how you feel when your last final is over or when you’ve just turned in a huge paper? After something like that, you just want to go out and do something. I was sad when I realized that it was Monday night and no one hangs out on Monday nights! Man, I hate that feeling. You wanna hang out and do something, but there’s no one to hang out with. So sad. So I spent the rest of the night on the phone planning out the weekend with my friends who are coming up to visit. Woohoo! Ok, my eyes are very tired now. I had a long week last week. I took a break tonight. More work starting tomorrow.

Oh, and I’ve been meaning to post this up for a while now. Here’s a postcard that penguingolfer89 (who,by the way, has really neat handwriting) sent me on her trip. Thanks!

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