Actions Speak Louder than Words

Shouldn’t people know this already?

What I’ve learned: When someone says one thing, but acts in a contradictory way, you have a choice between believing their words or believing their deeds. Believe their deeds.

This applies to all areas of life, whether in business or relationships. Dear readers, save yourselves from being burned.


robert May 15, 2007 Reply

yeah…someone promised to buy me a coffee…but never did…wonder what that says about that person?.. perhaps she didn't have any money on her? … perhaps I'm not worthy of a free coffee? … perhaps it was a silly bet…. pehaps she thinks I drink too much coffee already and don't need any more…..

oh wait… were you talking about something more serious?

promise + action = integrity

promise + inaction = empty promise

some girl May 16, 2007 Reply

haha. you need to swing by california so I can pay for the bet that i won.

gordon May 18, 2007 Reply

your deeds of driving me to my car in chinatown was once iron-clad. however, the last few times, i have been rejected. i will no longer be burned.

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