Ahnuld still entertaining

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Arnold, the governator

Fun with headlines:

“Gray Davis, you have been terminated”
“Arnold to play the Governator”
“Davis’ Totall Recall”
“Arnold confirms he is the Running Man”
“Davis’ Judgment Day”
“Davis, hasta la vista, baby”

…good stuff.

3 thoughts on “Ahnuld still entertaining

  1. yeah… Arnold was at the State Fair yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't go to the State Fair this year, although I would have liked to :(. So you gonna vote for him?

    Oh yeah, BTW, did you have the site hosts' email address? I want to ask him about getting a blog template and stuff like that…

  2. ugh…..aHnUld…great…now he's governor…so beej…do u think he's cu-…*throws up*…i guess u can why my reaction was like that…lol

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