Secret girly tip: Did you know you can get free wallpaper samples from Anthropologie? You can use them to make cute cards. I can’t believe I’m posting about this.


Kurt November 3, 2011 Reply

I think that this should be filed under “I’m cheap” not “girlie”. haha.

rachel b November 3, 2011 Reply

i love it that you posted about this.
i’m totally taking advantage of that.

(btw, i randomly stumbled on your site thru all city. i like your photography work so far and that you’re totally humble about getting into it. sorry if this is getting weird. but hey, thanks for the tip!)

Jen November 3, 2011 Reply

@kurt: haha, I think you’re right!

@rachel: thanks for your kind words! I love the guys at All City! Do you shoot too?

rachel b November 4, 2011 Reply

i try! it’s strange, but i think that i’ve actually lost confidence in my abilities since i bought a dslr (canon 50d). i just need more practice and to be more comfortable toting that huge thing around and getting the shot i want. if you have any tips, feel free to give them!

Brad November 4, 2011 Reply

You and Martha Stewart! That’s a lovely tip! I’ll pass it onto my budz at the Tide…

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