Aren’t All Religions the Same?

…it’s not respectful at all to dismiss the distinctive beliefs of all the world religions and just say, “They’re all the same,” ignoring that some religions believe in a god while others don’t believe that any type of god exists at all.  [People] don’t wonder, What really happens when I die? Will I be reincarnated, face judgment, or just disappear? Something does happen; the question is, what is that something? It’s not “all of the above”!

– Allen Wakabayashi, Kingdom Come


jaimeeeeeeeeeeeeee August 30, 2009 Reply

your site is so white!

Jen September 1, 2009 Reply

i know, i hate it. this is only for the interim, until i figure out what i want next. too bad i have no time to design my own.

jax March 11, 2010 Reply

i like your stuff.. i'm now a FAN! :)

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