Asian acting

Wow, I know someone who’s starring in a new movie that’s coming out tomorrow. Look for Karin Cheung in the cast of “Better Luck Tomorrow.” This is the first film with an all Asian-American leading cast since 1993’s “The Joy Luck Club” that has a chance at mainstream success.


penguingolfer89 April 12, 2003 Reply

nice my friend j9's bro auditioned for that movie..

sacrod April 12, 2003 Reply

They don't have a picture of karin Cheung so I don't know how she looks like. Is she in the MTV trailer? I've been seeing that trailer running on MTV for a while. It looks interesting, but it also looks disturbing for any Asian parent.

beej April 12, 2003 Reply

i actually havent seen the trailer because i havent been watching tv. but she's the cheerleader.

penguingolfer89 April 12, 2003 Reply

dude it's rated R..

sacrod April 13, 2003 Reply

ah… OK. Now I know which one she is.

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