Austin Adventures

Some memories from this weekend—

Ate Chick-fil-A and Schlotzsky’s for the first time.

King: (when he first picked me up from the airport) That building there is the…uh, forgot the name of the bank. Wait, is that even a bank? (He was pointing out the Frost Bank to me).

I just LOVED Stina’s surprised face when she found out some….um…secrets.

Jess: Do I detect a tone of condensation in your voice?

Daisy: I have trouble differentiating between pin and pin. You know, pin, like a safety pin and a pin, the thing you write with?

Tao: (At a frozen yogurt place) You know, Sprinkles would make a good nickname.

Billy: I want you to take out your friend card and rip it up!

Ever play a game called telephone charades? Let’s call this “telephone over a couple of days”:
Sherry: Did you know that Jen likes to warm up her car in the mornings?
Jess: Why would she need to warm up her car?
Alvin: I heard you like to warm up your seats.

Hmm, I can’t remember anything else.


abe February 25, 2009 Reply

heee hee… you warm up your car cuz you don't want your engine to run cold/lean… cuz you're a ricer… and otherwise you'd crash into a wall from the INTENSE turbo lag… and have engine damage on your car…

yes.. that must be it…

i've been up for a while.. so if that doesn't make sense… too bad :)

hi jen

i have things to tell you!

some girl March 2, 2009 Reply

haha…whatever, abraham. you should get some rest. :)

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