Aw man, USA 1, Korea

Aw man, USA 1, Korea 1. I just watched the last part of the game. Koreans definitely had home field advantage. The stadium was like a sea of red. And they were singing and clapping and cheering in what seemed like a continuous stream. Not like fans at a baseball game. There is one question that I have though–what’s with the shirt exchange at the end of the match? The players exchange shirts with the other team and they were the other team’s shirts. That’s gross! It has the other people’s sweat and stuff on it. What’s up with that? Someone please explain.

Side note: This site was shut down for about 2 hours tonight because the BANDWIDTH WAS EXCEEDED ON THE FORUMS!!! Wowsers! Not that I’m happy that the site was shut down, but because people are actually posting! Yay!

Side note #2: The winds were extremely strong today, as are my allergies. Boo.

Talk to me, Goose.

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