Bad guy at Best Buy

I just got back from Best Buy. I bought a dvd player a while ago, cuz mine started to die on me, but Chris and Mimi bought the same one (since it was really cheap) and it gave them some problems. So I wanted to return it. I had already passed the return date, so they told me I could just exchange it for something else. So I wandered around store looking for something to buy. I didn’t really need anything, but there were a few things I knew I wanted. I was in the computer section when this older guy with some sort of European accent asked if I needed some help. I told him I was just looking around.

I walked around a bit and ended up standing near him by the memory section. He looked at me, asked what I was looking for, and the first word to come out of my mouth was “memory”. What I wanted were CD-RW’s, but since I was looking at computer memory, the word “memory” came out. He immediately asked how old my computer was. Then I said, “Wait, not that kind of memory.” Then he tugged on the chain around his neck and said, “flash drives?” I didn’t really want to talk, so I just said, “Yeah.” He pointed me to the aisle where the CD’s were. Thanks for your help, now leave me alone. I’m so anti. I looked around, but nothing was on sale. I was actually looking to see if they had mini-CD-RW’s, but they didn’t have any. So I went down the next aisle, and looked at the hard drives. Bubble in my head: Hmm, I could use extra hard drive space since I record all my TV shows with my TV tuner. Earlier this year, I ran out of space recording stuff for everyone else!

So the guy comes over again, turns to me and says, “These are hard drives.”


Ya think?

“Yeah, thanks.” Again, he asked how old my computer was.

“I put it together earlier this year, end of last year, something like that.”

Man: “You put it together yourself?” I nodded. “So you got the motherboard and everything? From Fry’s?”

I said, “No, I bought everything online.” Then he continues on to tell me how it’s better to buy from Fry’s because it’s hard to return stuff online.

Me thinking: Thanks for sharing your awesome computer knowledge with me. I don’t have a clue when it comes to computers because I’m only a girl.

Bite me. I hate when people treat me like that. Replay this same scenario at the VW dealership in Daly City with another older man with a European accent. Is it because they come from a different background as well? “You’re just a girl, what do you know about cars.” Little do they know I got racer friends who like to tell me all about cars and then some. I guess that’s what I get for walking in the computer section. They don’t expect girls to know these things.

I’m going to install my hard drive now.

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