One of my favorite things to do introduce kids to photography. Yes, I like to take pictures OF them, but taking pictures WITH them is a whole new ballgame. I give them a camera and give them basic tips like “get real close” aka filling the frame. You really need to figure out how much information they can handle and execute.

I’ve also realized that children nowadays only know about digital cameras because that’s what they see their parents using. When I shoot film with them, they always ask me to see the back of the camera, looking for the LCD screen.

I don’t do any actual film developing, but the final part of the project is to drop off the cameras/film at the local drug store and go back after an hour to get the prints. It’s interesting to see what kind of shots they get. I love the perspective of their pictures, most of which are shots really low to the ground or portraits from low angles…oh right, because the kids themselves are short. See, it’s so funny much fun.

The image above is my friend’s daughter Bethany, taken on our photo walk in Golden Gate Park. Funny, she shoots with her left eye, just like me.

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