Biking with Boba

Don’t know what boba is? Educate yourself.


Penguingolfer89 May 8, 2007 Reply

Haha, wow that is so AZN! I want some boba now…

some girl May 9, 2007 Reply

Hahaha…yeah, #28, that's all I order there.

Penguingolfer89 May 10, 2007 Reply

Nice, I had no boba this whole weekend, amazing. I had grass jelly with my drink on Saturday, tho. Now, I want some boba, hehe.

Jry May 10, 2007 Reply

the strawberry is bad bad bad. do not buy

some girl May 10, 2007 Reply

@jry, i'll remember that.

sheldon May 12, 2007 Reply

boba is always better when u get 3 for free =)

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