Goodbye Star Wars

The Star Wars-centered theme was great, but it was temporary, just to go along with all the hype surrounding the movie’s release. So back to golf or stay with geek? Somehow, I can’t get away from either of the two.


Morgan Doocy June 5, 2005 Reply

Golf! I vote golf!

Chris June 5, 2005 Reply

Why do I have an urge to watch West Wing?

penguingolfer89 June 5, 2005 Reply

Awww, I liked the Star Wars and I like the golf too.

beej June 6, 2005 Reply

Chris, hehe.

One vote golf. I wish I had the ability to do what I see in my mind, but I am by no means a designer.

sacrod June 6, 2005 Reply

I vote golf too

JerryNFremont June 9, 2005 Reply

I vote H2 …. is that an option?

beej June 9, 2005 Reply

H2? That's so…guy-ish. Wait, so was Star Wars…

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