Burning Up in SoCal

Charissa: socal is burning up like crazy
me: really?
Charissa: yeah
me: yeah, it’s been pretty hot here too
Charissa: nooo
Charissa: fires

That’s what I get for not watching the news on Sundays. Pray for all the SoCal folks please.


On a different note– check out Crackbook: a hilarious spoof on the popular time-wasting, social network, Facebook.


connie lyu October 22, 2007 Reply

the only fire jen knows about is out of a barrel.

but yeah, a lot of cities being evacuated.. keep socal in your prayers!

miranda wong October 23, 2007 Reply

It is very scary to watch the news…everywhere is fire. The scariest thing is that over 350,000 people have to evacuate last time I heard from the radio. I really pray that God will have mercy on SoCal and bring this horrible fire into a stop.

some girl October 23, 2007 Reply

yeah, thanks you guys!

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