Busyness and Lent schedule

I was talking to my friend yesterday and I realized that there’s so many things happening in the next few months. I have to go to BASS, the Bay Area Sunday School Convention, although, I’m not sure which workshops I’ll be attending. There’s also a Navigator’s Seminar on April 12th. I thought that was good enough to fill up my time, but my friend just called me up to tell me she’s coming up from L.A. and making me go to The CAll SF on April 5th. I also plan to take my fellowship group out to watch a movie. Besides these events, not to mention 2 weddings I have coming up, there go my Saturdays for the next 2 months.

Hmm…what to do for lent…Ok, I’m confused though. Lent supposedly starts today, lasts for 40 days, and is supposed to end on Easter Sunday. Is it me, or is that more than 40 days? According to some, the sabbath is exempt from lent observances. So you can take a break from lent on Sundays? What’s with that? On my calendar, it says that Orthodox Lent doesn’t begin until March 18. That’s no fair, Orthodox people get a shorter lent? Some say that lent ends on Good Friday. But if lent ends on Easter Sunday, and is supposed to last 40 days, then technically, lent doesn’t start until this Sunday. Man, I need to know more about this thing. But one thing’s for sure, I have a feeling I’ve been convicted to do this one thing for Lent, but I’m trying to fight it…


penguingolfer89 March 6, 2003 Reply

Yeah and like for our calendar its 46 days I believe…and thats kind of like not counting the weekends…but you should count the weekends…well I am atleast..

will March 7, 2003 Reply

The Call SF looks very interesting !i checked out BASS yesterday and they have tons of good workshops…too bad i can't make it this weekend cuz i'll be learning to snowboard ! :) how i gotta to suffer…hehehe

penguingolfer89 March 7, 2003 Reply

I was suppose to go to BASS last night and tonight I didn't have a chance…I was sick and suffering in the ER…but hopefully I'll beable to go on Saturday.

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