Coffee Calendar

I normally don’t spend money buying calendars since my grandma or aunties have an ample supply from Chinese banks, but I haven’t gotten any this year. So I went out and bought one. They’re 50% off, but they still cost a couple bucks. They have the usual animals or Lord of the Rings, but I found a small coffee-themed calendar featuring Michael Kungl’s work. As a tribute, I’ve put up some of the pictures so all my caffeine- fiends friends, can share the eye candy.


penguingolfer89 January 6, 2006 Reply

I got to find a new calendar too. Hmm.

No more pink? Aww…

Chris January 6, 2006 Reply

A calendar with works like that would be too good for my trailer trash self. =)

I'll stick with the free ones.

beej January 13, 2006 Reply

My dear Chris, allow yourself to blossom into a cultured flower. :)

Suzanne January 23, 2008 Reply

I love this guys work! I also found a website for him

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