Cold or Allergies?

I should be in bed resting now. My allergies are killing me and my throat is sore. I better not be getting sick. I wouldn’t be surprised if I did though, since all my kids are coughing in my face and I’m constantly wiping away their green snot. Parents: when the snot is colored, I highly doubt it’s due to allergies. Why make me work with your sick child? I’ll get sick, end up staying home, and your kid misses out on his therapy hours, make sense?

HIS hours. After working with autistic kids these past couple of years, I’ve started working with my first female client. Yay, a girl. Too bad she’s on the lower end of the spectrum and is non-verbal. No barbies, tea parties, or any kind of pretend play. Oh well, she’s only 2, so hopefully we can do something about it.

Side note: I want to see Kungfu Hustle and The Amityville Horror.

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